ZERO-Odour Child Safe Cannabis Packaging and Accessories

WeedLockaTM is a complete solution

We asked the simple question "What do people want to do as cannabis users?" We came up with many answers. One thing for sure, people all want to do different activities, while carrying personal amounts of cannabis.

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WeedLockaTM is a rigid cannabis packaging solution designed to be ZERO-Odour, Food Grade, Child Resistant, and Environmentally Sustainable. It comes in multiple sizes and over 300 colour variations 

WeedLockaTM is a medical grade lifestyle solution that is designed to make dispensing and carrying cannabis more responsible, socially acceptable, and less stigmatizing. 

WeedLockaTM is packaging for dry cannabis.  Packaging for concentrated cannabis. Packaging for vaporizers and parts. Packaging for edibles. Packaging for accessories.  

Packaging for seedlings, saplings, and clones.

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